playground equip for everyone

This has been my fantasy for so long - playground structures for grown-ups. You see those awesome playground set-ups kids have been getting since about the 1980s (not the Darwin-inspired stuff of yore, like we had. Made us tough.). While I'd opt for something more similar to those for adults, with lots of wood and highly evocative aesthetics, this is the best thing going I've found that's available: Outdoor Fitness. Truly innovative structures made of steel tubing. Looks like great fun. I want them all over my yard (but since they don't mention prices online, I'll probably improvise, instead).

Thanks again Straight to the Bar. Scott, you have really added to my life with your amazing blog.

in flight

Wow. Just. . . wow. Inspiring form, via Straight to the Bar.

wheatie and the hole

write your own jokes...

morning glories

I LOVE morning glories. The purity, the color slays me every time. Guess I started mine late, cuz they just started booming. Looking forward to a total infestation.

dahlia fest

Gorgeous, gorgeous way to spend a holiday. Can feel the edge of fall in the air, despite the hot temps.

Check out the "giggles" variety - 40 acres of dahlias, and the bees were going bananas over this.

Also hit a new personal best on my clean & jerk, for the record.