Virtual weightlifting meet

ETA: Meet is complete. Judging may take until Oct. 15.

Virtual Meet is holding its first Olympic-style weightlifting meet the weekend of October 4th. Get in on the ground floor by signing up to lift or, if you're qualified, judge. The deadline to sign up is this week's Thursday at 11pm GMT (6pm CST).

It's already shaping up to be something special. So far, some Bulgarians, a Canadian and a couple of us Americans are signing on.

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Window study

bump - a few additions

no power rack? no problem

No power rack? No problem. Here's one alternative to make overhead power work possible. (Renowned coach Jim Schmitz says lifters who don't train in the jerk support & recovery suffer for it.)

ETA: I did replace this with a real power cage that I bought for a steal off Craigslist. But this served me very well. There was no other way at the time that I could have made the gains it afforded me.

Sweet moment for the sweet science

I got the exclusive on this heartwarmer - read it at Straight to the Bar and the Oregonian newspaper (Clackamas County weekly edition 9/25).

Carl “The Swede” Hayford

A dream came true for an old boxing salt in
Portland, Oregon. At 81, Carl Hayford’s fondest wish was to hit the bag again. West Portland Boxing Team made it happen – with style.

There was the press of boxers, the sound of leather bounding leather, the smell of sweat – and balloons, t-shirts, a trophy, and cake. On Monday evening, Sept. 15, Carl’s friends and family brought him from the care center where he lives to the old-style boxing gym.

Carl was very much at home in the gym. He sparred, told war stories, and hit the bag.

Carl “The Swede” Hayford – named for his wavy blond hair -- was a champion with a record of 46-4 with 26 KO’s. He fought in smokers and did prize fighting in Eugene, Portland & Seattle.

Carl first learned boxing from his father, and went on to box in the army at Camp Roberts in California. When the Army World Class Athlete program heard about Carl’s big night, they sent him an Army Sports t-shirt.

He stopped boxing when an opponent was seriously hurt during a match. Carl said he just wanted to box, not risk seriously hurting anyone.

Coach Bill Meartz told Carl he was welcome anytime, although they wouldn’t always have cake.

the magnificent PNW coast

virtual deadlift meet triumph!

201 deadlift from The Mighty Kat on Vimeo.
Virtual powerlifting deadlift meet was a success! I hit my goal and a PR - 201# deadlift at 129#. Whoo-hoo! I scored 176.6911 - Malone relative strength scoring system.

Read my full article on VM and my experience with it at Straight to the Bar.

Especially pleased since my August training schedule suffered considerably between injury and vacation.

Also, the results are in from the July powerlifting meet. Proud to say I am the first female to complete a virtual powerlifting meet. I'm also the first one to come back for more.

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funny tomato

From my garden. I'm so proud. Reminds me of Beaker from The Muppets.

Labor Day weekend pics

What is Olympic-style weightlifting?

Nice piece from CBC, hits all the main points. "It's not bodybuilding, it's not powerlifting, and it's not a strongman competition. Olympic weightlifting is two lifts: a one-motion lift called the snatch and a two-motion lift called the clean-and-jerk. They test more than just muscle."

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Photo: Canada's Maryse Turcotte gets ready to use her leg and back power to finish off her lift at the World Championships in 2005. (Karim Jaafar/Getty Images)