Robin nest

I posted this for my friend Jim. He's a professional videographer and made this sweet little film a few years ago. This is his first time on YouTube (and Vimeo).

A Robin Redbreast couple tends to its young, from eggs to their first flight.

never too old too weightlift

Love stories like this: Janis McBee, 71, and Shirley Callaway, 56, will compete April 9 in the National Masters Weightlifting Championships in Rego Park, N.Y.

Just a number: Pair of local lifters don't let age get in way of competing |

Photo of Shirley Callaway by Gretel Daugherty

Weightlifting at Five Rings

Tom Hirtz was master of ceremonies at a weightlifting gathering at Five Rings Jiu Jitsu on March 27, 2010. Forrest Krewson called together four lifting gyms from Oregon in order to announce the first weightlifting meet for the Portland area. It's slated for July 31st (unsanctioned). Great progress toward getting competitions in the Portland area. Our friends from Creswell made the trip. Nice to see you guys drive for a change!

View photo album here.

Old Time Computer

Old Time Computer is a guy who makes this beautiful cover set for iMacs and other lovely things. This is real stuff - oak, brass, marble. Wired Magazine asks who would want this? Me! Me! Me!

promenade in March

Chambers Railroad Bridge coming down

The historic Chambers Railroad Bridge in Cottage Grove, Lane County, Oregon, is being carefully taken down before it falls suddenly into the Row River. It wasn't in great shape, but a January windstorm moved it enough to make removing it a priority.

It was built in 1925 to bring logs to the J.H. Chambers Mill in Cottage Grove. The bridge is 78 feet long. Although steel was at a premium, it was used in the structural skeleton in order to support the weight of trains carrying logs. As with all wooden covered bridged, the wood then served to slow rain damage to the bridge floor. And made it look cool.

This is the only covered railroad bridge in Oregon.

The dismantling is funded by a $1.3 million grant from the National Historic Covered Bridge Preservation Program. The City plans to replace it. Always sad to see something like this go, though. So glad I got to shoot it when to me, it was at its aesthetic prime.

Details at Eugene Register Guard

Steel Bridge in March

brilliant boxing photo

Brilliant photo

The photographer behind took it at the recent 2010 Oregon Golden Gloves in Tacoma. The boxer's last name is Madrigal; I don't know her first name. She's getting a standing 8 count after a blow from the amazing Jenah Duea.

online symposium on women's strength training

Connect with other grrls who love honing their strength, discuss what it will take to get more women involved in Gubernatrix's online symposium.

Symposium - a meeting or conference for the public discussion of some topic especially one in which the participants form an audience and make presentations

coast in March

Tigger goes to the coast

Lisbet Vargas vs. Jenah Duea

Fred Enslow Memorial Tournament at the Home of West Portland Boxing Club, the Garden Home Recreation Center in Beaverton.

Two weeks after Duea defeats Vargas at the Oregon Golden Gloves, Vargas defeats Duea.

The fight was terrific. The tournament was terrific.

Here are rounds two and three. Next time I'll remember to take extra batteries and record all four rounds.