Using Chain in the Gym

Two great gift ideas

Admirable video from Clitheroe Crossfit

I love this unique treatment of showing what we do and the gym we do it in...Timelapse video taken over the course of three days for Clitheroe Crossfit, edited beautifully.

Origins of Weightlifting

Hurray! Bodytribe owner Chip Conrad has released this excellent video on the Origins of Weightlifting via YouTube. This is his second installment in of his History of Fitness Series.

"We explore the roots of the sport of weightlifting, which is the most popular modern version of the age old battle of strength between man/woman and gravity."

...and yours truly makes an appearance.

Thanksgiving Virtual Meet

Make Thanksgiving weekend extra special - do a virtual weightlifting meet! Registration is open

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Snatch training session

Barbell on the runway

Is strong the new skinny? This bit of entertainment from Victoria's Secret, 2010.

Gym floor in November light

The Daculi Witch Chronicles

This is my new novel, available at this preferred eStore and on Amazon. More details are on the Daculi Witch Chronicles webpage.

The Daculi Witch Chronicles weaves history with fiction to present the story of a line of women struggling to live their lives during the Great European Witch Hunts.

Janet Wishart, accused in the Aberdeen Witch Trials; Gilly Geillis Duncan, accused in the North Berwick Witch Trials; the secret daughter of Queen Elizabeth and more find power and peril through intellect, education, beauty, forbidden love... and magic.

Their stories combine to illuminate a dark era in Early Modern Europe and the dynamics which made it possible, to highlight the strength and good in human nature which enable survival and inspire change, and to remember fondly the dreams of innocence.

This adventure flows through major moments in history, tying them together to chronicle an extraordinary family line and reinvestigate witchcraft from a fresh perspective.

Bottles in November light

Mt. Hood work out

Four straight days of rain. When it cleared for a few days, grabbed some stuff and headed outside.

Deadlifts & Danglies

Dangly bits hung from the bar add stability dimension, demanding everything from the nervous system.

My wall calendar: Weightlifting Visions 2011

If you love Olympic-style weightlifting, this calendar is for you. A beautiful 12-month wall calendar featuring powerful photographs of weightlifting images - worn bumper plates bathed in light, the platform and judge's switch at a championship meet, a loaded bar waiting in a garage gym. Grids provide plenty of space to record appointments, birthdays or training notes, while the images will inspire you every day of the year. Created by a weightlifter for weightlifters.

This is something I've wanted to do for a long time, so if you like it, buy it, and I'll make one again next year. Tommy Kono was delighted with his copy.