Dear Warm-up: a letter for the New Year

Dear Warm-up,

You've been quietly watching me do my own thing, and the time has come for me to say some things to you, some things I should've said long ago.

I should be spending more time with you. I take you for granted, overlook you when you should be the first place I turn. I get this crazy idea that I don't have time for you or don't really need you, and - this is the hardest part for me say - I sometimes am embarrassed by you. You're simple, you're easy, you're not glamorous and you don't stand out; I guess I want to get past you so quickly that I brush you aside when I need you the most.

You're always there for me. I don't always show it, but I do appreciate you. What I need to do is make a little time, relax, let go.

I know I can only go onto bigger things through you. I know that I'm better with you than without you, and I'm going to work on more "us" time in the new year.

What I'm saying is, you make me who I want to be, and I'm finally ready to admit I need you. You make me a better person, and I resolve to treat you with the respect you deserve.

Photo by Allyson Goble

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