view from the air

Survived cross-country flights this week! Have these awesome pics to show for it.

weightroom at Hiram College

This would be a great photo project for me. Tour and photograph college gyms, or any kind of gym, for that matter. Note skinny "bumper" plates.

Curves pushing inedibles

Curves is in the midst of a campaign launching a new food product line. I already have plenty of problems with Curves, but this has opened a new pit of evils that staggers even my imagination.

I got a Curves/General Mills "chewy granola bar" in the mail - 25 grams, 100 calories.

protein - 2 grams, not enough to mention, really
fat - 3.5 grams
saturated fat - 1 gram - who puts saturated fat in anything?
carbs 17 grams
sugars 5 grams - seriously, since carbs are sugar, what are the other 12 grams made of?

Ingredients - I am not making this up.

chicory root extract, crisp rice, chocolate chips with confectioner's shellac (choc. chips - sugar, choc. liquor, cocoa butter, dextrose, milk fat, soy lecithin), ethanol, shellac, hydrogenated coconut oil, peanuts, oats, barley flakes, high maltose corn syrup, honey, glycerin, sugar, maltodextrin, canola oil, tricalciam phosphate, high fructose corn syrup, palm kernel oil, soy lecithin, salt, milk, cocoa processed with alkali, peanut oil, natural and artificial flavor, baking soda, color, almond flour, wheat flour, sunflower meal, mixed tocopherols.

Seriously, WTF?! This is one of the worst formulas for anything purported to be ingested that I've ever seen. No one should put this into their bodies.

coolest outdoor gym ever

Toffe's outdoor gym in Finland, built by an innovative lifter who values nature and an idyllic setting, makes my heart race and swoon at the same time. 24-Hour Fitness, eat your heart out.

flyng squirrel

random poem

in the orange surf of fever
tangled in sweaty sheets
visions broke through

computer screens
from work
and i thrashed to be free

i called up the dappled light
of ohio fall
the scratch of leaves against
the wind
and sidewalk
on the way home from school,
blue sky,
the indian mounds
in the woods where
warriors had crawled

belly against dirt,
sun against skin,
the smells of october
lifting me up
into those golden red trees

before i tumbled
back into my desk,
words on the screen beating
my eyes for attention.

in front of that screen,
i call up that fall day
and smile.