how to make a sandbag

Note: I hate to say it, but my bag eventually broke down, and I ordered the Ultimate Sandbag. An investment, but hopefully worth it. It just became a headache to keep trying to fix mine.

Over the weekend, I made a nice sandbag, thanks to the help of some good folks around the way.

50# "tube sand" (from Home Depot, for weighing down trucks) $3.49
2 boxes 1-qt. Ziploc freezer bags (3.89 ea.)
1 cotton drawstring laundry bag (camping section - $5.99)
1 nylon drawstring bag (camping section - $6.99)

First, I used just five 1-gallon bags, duct-taped the hell out of them, and put them directly into a nylon gym bag. Had a great time, but at the end of the work out, opened the bag, and sand was everywhere. All but one of the bags had blown.

So DH & I repackaged the sand into 37 1-quart bags, half-filled, all the air pressed out, with a single piece of duct tape across the top.

Then we double-bagged each bag into another 1-qt. bag (no tape).

Put them all into the laundry bag,

and put that into the nylon bag,

and put that into the nylon gym bag.

The result is a bag that feels and handles really nicely, just the way you'd imagine a sandbag would. Using the quart bags took a while, but it'll be worth it. I may just have one of the most meticulously made sandbags around.

Here's an inspirational work out video, from DieselCrew.

Here's a quick one of me from over the sunny weekend.

And here's a good FlowFit one.

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