Ohio in fall

Mt. Hood Barlow Trail

A gorgeous, rainy October day on a historic Mt. Hood trail. We finished the hike in a total downpour. Meanwhile, kept flashing out my poor camera to try and catch some shots. None of these do justice to the luminous yellows against the murky greens. And - chatted with some mushroom pickers - those guys are hardcore.

October benches in Portland

downtown respite

October sights

musical stairs

Keep it fun or you won't keep it

It's a matter of motivation...

Wonder Woman art fights domestic violence

Checked out this terrific art exhibit on Wonder Woman in Portland.

Wonder Woman Day is a charity event observed in Fleming, New Jersey and Portland, Oregon, in support of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Proceeds of the art auction go to local domestic violence shelters and programs.

The exhibit Amazing Amazon will be at Lara Sydney Framing Gallery in the Pearl District until Oct. 25, 2009. That's the night of the live auction, which will include many more Wonder Woman art items.

The gallery owner's mother Cynthia told me the opening was packed. It's a relatively small gallery, so plan on being crammed for the live auction. But you can bid through the silent auction up until the 24th.

There are numerous first-rate comics artists involved, and the caliber overall was impressive. I'd like to namedrop, but there are just too many. Scroll down on this page for names.

My furtively snapped cell phone pictures of course don't do these pieces justice, but here were a few of my faves.