Wristwraps for Overhead Squats

I used wristwraps for the overhead squat and was staggered by the immediate improvement in work capacity. The older we get, the more help our joints tend to need from all the wear and tear. Although I firmly believe Olympic-style weightlifting helps guard my wrists against the repetitive motion dangers of my workday, I'm now looking at how they might yet benefit from some support during training. I try to avoid wraps and supports of any kind in general, because too often folks will use them in order to achieve bad form or artificially inflate their numbers. But this is appropriate use. I had no idea my lift was being held back by wrist stress.

Dear Oscar: Why you should weightlift, Part II

Another excellent piece.

Why Weightlifting is Superior

Oregon's Jenah Duea wins spot on US Olmpic boxing team

Bend transplant Jenah Duea, simply one of my favorite boxers, placed 4th in nationals, won a spot on the US team, and brought home a team trophy for our Women's Region 12 (Pacific Northwest) team. Way to go, Jenah!!

Here's a reposting of a video I made of one of Jenah's fights this spring.

More info on Jenah

Dear Oscar: Why you should weightlift

Dear Oscar,

This paper was worth the wait. I could have taken a stab at answering why you, an accomplished bodybuilder who is finding a newfound love for pure strength and joy training, should work Olympic-style weightlifting into your regimen. But I've been tracking down this paper, because this writer says it so well.

Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting Paper

In the process, I stumbled onto another outstanding piece on the same subject. I'll post that as Part II.

231 LBS Deadlift

Beautiful day for a PR

Second Place Photo at Fair!

Second Place at Marion County Fair B&W Scenics division.
Champoeg State Park in Oregon on Xmas Eve morning

Central Oregon

Just had the most excellent camping and boating vacation in Oregon's high desert country!