This beautiful Thanksgiving message from Chip Conrad at Bodytribe

What I'm Thankful For

If we had to give everything back, if the universal plan demanded us to hand over all possessions and start again bare and raw, I would have a very under-impressive load to turn in. What we would be left with, in our stripped down, essential state, is the coveted internal real estate we should perpetually be striving to cultivate. To give and receive from this place, there is no better exchange. All else is superfluous, although possibly entertaining. As a naked, unencumbered soul, give thanks, then, for how well you can fill the world with nothing but you. The caveat to this spiritual nudity is the quick understanding that if you haven’t taken care of yourself, if you don’t have the respect for yourself to care about the condition of your system, you greatly limit your choices and possibilities.

Naked in front of God, Buddha, Posieden or Pan, give thanks for the better choices you’ve made, and embrace wisdom for choices not yet made.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! Eat well, be well, do well!!

Photo by me, flying into a Texas sunrise

recovering from hit and run

I'm never sure who's actually reading my blog and keeping up me, but I am recovering from being hit by a hit-and-run driver while walking across a crosswalk.

I know I'm very fortunate not to have been hurt worse or killed. I'm glad I'm in good shape, to take a hit like this.

I don't want to post any more info publicly due to legal reasons, so friends just seeing this are welcome to contact me with any questions.