high-protein grains

Here's info on high-protein grains, from my climber friend Andru, who compares them to soy.

- Add in hard red spring wheat from Montana.

"Amaranth, oats, buckwheat and quinoa all have more protein per 100g than soy (14.5g, 16g, 13.25g, 13g respectively). Each have all the essential amino acids, as good an essential fatty acid mix and none of the phyto-estrogens. Millet is good too, but has slightly less protein than soy.

The quinoa has a large amount of tryptophan (1g), arginine (0.9g) and phenylalanine (0.9g) all of which help speed up recovery."

Living Era releases George Formby 2-CD set

Oh MAN!!! Am I the only person under 60 to be flipping over this? George Formby is fantastic. I can't wait to get this collection. (Thanks, Guy, for the tip!)

From Sanctuary Classics -

George Hoy Booth (1904-1961), otherwise “George Formby”, endeared himself to his audiences with his cheeky Lancashire and folksy Northern England persona to such an extent that he has become an icon.

With a toothy grin and playing his banjolele (hybrid banjo/ukelele) to accompany his postcard-style risqué songs, he became, along with Gracie Fields, Britain’s best-loved, and highest paid entertainer, and the top box-office attraction from 1934-1945, starring in 16 films. Today only Elvis Presley copiers can boast greater numbers than the legion of George Formby impersonators!

52 George Formby classics are collected together on Living Era’s double CD Leaning On A Lamp Post.

These include every single one of his familiar favourites. Hearing When I’m Cleaning Windows, With My Little Stick Of Blackpool Rock, Chinese Laundry Blues, Auntie Maggie’s Remedy and all the others conjures up a vivid picture of this utterly unique figure; a crucial piece of Britain’s heritage.

summer olympic lifting training

...man, it's getting tough to find time to post to this blog. Just picked up a part-time gig on top of my full-time. Outside of work, I'm focusing on keeping training going, and wow, have had some breakthroughs. I'm finding that I am enjoying major lifting developments when it seems the most difficult to get the sessions into my schedule. To wit~

Thanks to O-lift master Tommy Kono and youTube user bd1saul for posting his lecture, I feel like I finally have a solid grasp of form, after two years of C&J training. And I officially began snatch training with this video (there's a sentence you can't use in most circles). Looking forward to a lifetime of perfecting the lifts.